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Outdoor Wedding

Wedding Drapery & Lighting Rental

Whether you want to cover the walls or ceilings of your event space, we have the equipment and solutions to get it done. We can create room dividers as well as framing in an outdoor space. The options are limitless with custom colors, sizes, and styles.


Pipe and Drape Rental Fabrics Create Extraordinary Events

You have a big event coming up, the wedding of your dreams, a big gala you’ve been planning, the bar or bat mitzvah of a lifetime and you want the most dramatic, elegant, and jaw-dropping setting for your guests. You don’t want to highlight the generic, industrial or commercial setting of your venue, so that’s when pipe and drapery rentals come in!


We have done our fair share of elaborate pipe and drape setups and here are some of our common uses of pipe and drape.


Ordinary Venues Turned Extraordinary

Sometimes you choose a venue for capacity, size, location, or even price. Don’t worry if the venue doesn’t fit your style. The right hardware, fabric drapery, and lighting can completely transform a venue.

Chuppah, Mapdap or Ceremony Altar


Whether it’s a traditional Jewish Chuppah or an Indian Hindu Mapdap or Christian Altar, a wedding needs a place to hold the ceremony, a place where the lucky couple exchange vows and perform the ceremonial ritual of uniting together as one. A fabric cover using pipe and drape is a perfect solution whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Dance Floor Backdrop


Your guests are going to spend a lot of time checking out your dance floor, whether it’s to watch your dances or to get down and boogie themselves. Why not wow them with a fantastic backdrop for the band, the flowers, and the dancing!


Head Table Backdrop


Face it, you can’t take your eyes off the bride. And the only time she sits still for a photo is while she is sitting at the head table next to her new groom, enjoying a few bites of the fantastic meal placed in front of her. Make that head table memorable with the most elegant of backdrops full of themed fabric meticulously hung to highlight all the features of the wedding.


Lounge Area


Sometimes in a big banquet hall or conference room, your event lacks intimacy. Pipe and drape can create an intimate lounge area for guests to sit back and relax and separate themselves from the dancing and party just beyond the drapery. So, if you’re looking for the perfect way to mask the ordinary and create the extraordinary, consider pipe and drape paired with perfect lighting.

Optional Lighting



Our wireless LED systems have the ability to match any event color palette. This technology allows us to single set one color for the entire evening, or use controls to transmit a signal for each light to change together simultaneously throughout the evening.

Monograms / Logos / Gobos

Project a continuous tessellating pattern, logo, or names and initials onto venue structures such as tent liners and walls, dance floors, and venue walls with our source four projection lights or follow spots. We also provide custom gobos. 

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