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Our Event & Production Services

Our unique rental and sales solutions allow us to collaborate with you to meet any budget or deadline. From theater drapes to 500 convention booths, no job is too big or small, and your success always takes center stage.


  • Custom Drapery Design & Production

  • Custom Digital Printing

  • Custom Fabric Structures

  • Custom Dynamic Graphics

  • Specialty Sewn Curtains

  • Sound Dampening Drapery

  • Outdoor Pipe & Drape

  • Custom Chuppahs & Wedding Altars


All Services:

Arena masking allows larger arenas, stadiums, universities, schools, venues to mask off seating sections, pathways, hallways, and more. Our drapery rentals give the venue a more intimate feel and the appearance of a sold-out event. 

We provide a variety of blackout fabrics for any size stadium, event, and arena. Our masking options can be custom sewn for risers, seating sections, columns, and more.  

Our production staff dedicates individualized attention to each project and event. With in-house CAD services, we will design your event space from beginning to end with drapery sourced from world-renowned manufacturers guaranteeing the highest levels of quality. 

We are all about service, it is the very purpose of our business, and we want to provide you with creative solutions that meet both your budget and your deadline. Our area of expertise goes from theatrical curtain tracks and rigging to custom-made draperies and stage curtains, flame-retardant fabrics, to motorized projection screens. We also offer drapery cleaning and re-flame proofing and digitally printed messages, logos, and designs on specialized curtains and banners. We will professionally install any of our curtains and track products. You have come to the right place if you are looking for:

  • Custom production & sewing

  • Track & rigging installs

  • Projection screens installation

  • Drapery cleaning and re-flame proofing

  • Digital printing on specialized backdrops

  • Digital fabric printing

  • Design & consultation

  • Full-Service Installation

Our pipe and drape systems are a great way to make an exhibit booth, divide a venue, create green rooms, mask walls, or use a backdrop for a stage, press conference, or trade show booth.

Pipe and drape can even be used for hanging signage, banners, promotional materials, directional signage, and other event-related products. 

Our clients include agencies, music studios, universities, public relations firms, theaters, retail stores, fashion houses, hospitality groups, and some of NYC's top event producers. 

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