Buy Pipe and Drape In New York City

Why is it better to buy pipe and drape hardware or other soft goods Drape Atelier offers for purchase?

We’re often asked when is it better to rent, and when is it better to buy pipe and drape or other equipment we stock. This would depend on several factors:

The frequency of your events or productions is a leading factor. If you're producing the same type of events several times a year, it would be more cost-effective to purchase. If you purchase the equipment, you'll have the same configuration and standards without the ease of renting. 

Maintenance and storage are also two of the leading reasons our clients like to rent versus purchase. Keeping equipment well maintained and soft goods stored properly is paramount for the safety and success of your productions. We have a vast operation dedicated to the cleaning and maintenance of everything we stock. Storage is another important and deciding factor. If your company or venue has ample storage space purchasing might be the way to go. This equipment is bulky and heavy and vastly varies in sizing. 

Custom production is the final factor deciding if purchase or rental is best for you. If you're looking for something unique, one of a kind, and custom produced a sales order will be the only option. We produce these soft goods based on your exact design goals and specifications. Whether you are looking for custom printing, custom backdrops, custom carpet, branded event carpet, or specific fabrics or drapery styles we can get it done seamlessly with rush production available as a last-minute solution. 

For help with either a sales or rental order contact us at We look forward to serving you.