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Pipe and Drape Rentals In New York City

Perhaps you have heard the terms "pipe and drape" or "pole and drape," but you aren't clear what these terms mean or how pipe and drape works. Don't worry – we've got you covered.

"Pipe and drape" and "pipe and base" are interchangeable terms that refer to a system of portable components typically used to create exhibit booths such as those used in trade shows. Typically, the hardware components consist of steel bases along with aluminum uprights and drape supports ("pipe and base"), while the drapery is hung on the drape supports.
With a slip-fit system, such as the one we offer for sale or rent, each upright is attached to a base via a pin and screw assembly. The uprights, which may be standard (fixed length) or adjustable, have one or more sets of 4 slots positioned every 90 degrees. The telescopic drape supports, which have hooks on either end, fit into these slots. The configuration of 4 slots at 90-degree positions allows you to attach up to 4 drape supports to each upright (such as when configuring multiple booths side-by-side and/or back-to-back).
Shorter uprights have just one set of slots, while 6′ or longer uprights have two sets of slots (one at 3′ from the bottom and one at the top). This allows you to create a booth with a higher back wall and shorter side walls such as this.

Typically drapery is made as flat (unpleated) single-width panels (typically 4′ to 5′ wide, depending on the fabric), with 3 to 4 panels used for every 10 feet of drape support width to allow for natural fullness. These drapes generally have an open 5″ top hem to allow the drapes to be threaded onto the drape support. Banjo Cloth is the most common economy choice for exhibit booths, but other fabrics, such as 15oz Encore, are often selected when greater opacity is desired. Custom drapery is also an option for those wanting something different, with a multitude of drapery style possibilities ranging from pleated drapes to digitally printed backdrops to non-operable Austrians and more.
Although pipe and drape is most commonly used for exhibit booths, it can also be used in many other applications. Here are just a couple of examples.

Stage Backdrops: 
It often serves as the backdrop for important speeches and press releases. Keep an eye out the next time you watch a political speech or a post-game interview of your favorite sports team. If you attend a trade show, pipe and drape is the most common method for trade show booths that divide exhibitor spaces.

Whether an established church or a brand new start-up or mobile church, churches regularly use pipe and drape to cover up walls, mask new construction, and create a more intimate area in any room (such as if activities and services are held in a gymnasium or school).

Colleges, schools, and universities often utilize pipe and drape for stage backdrops for both theatrical performances and graduation ceremonies alike. For weddings, pipe and drape can be used to enhance the setting of the ceremony or reception (or both!).

The freestanding, easy installation of pipe and drape rental, makes this system completely modular and one of the easiest ways of transforming an event venue, helping to create the atmosphere you desire. We offer a flexible choice of rigging fixtures to suit your event or promotion. Pipe & drape is available for both rent & sale. Pipe & drape comprises a base plate with attached upright and horizontal drape supports. The small footprint base plates are zinc plated steel. For increased stability when working with drape heights we recommend placing extra stage weights onto each base plate. Various Drapes are available to be hired for use with the Pipe & Drape system. No tools are required to assemble a Pipe & Drape system, with upright extensions being held in places using the Slip-Lock collar assembly. The drape supports slot into the uprights using a heavy duty zinc-plated steel hook. Cover It Up not only hire ore sell pipe and drape systems, we are also happy to handle to whole installation.

Want to learn more about how you can use pipe and drape for your next trade show, performance, or special event? Contact us at 347-635-5553 or via email. We have a wide range of drape hardware and fabric options available for purchase or rent, to fit any budget.

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