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Drapery For Exhibtions, Tradeshows, Conventions & Conferences


We rent and sell pipe and drape systems for the trade show and conference industry. By far, our highest volume products are the core components of the trade show booth. We provide a wide range of other products for the event and production industry. As the trade show booth is the foundation of many events and conferences, we wanted to create a resource to develop a firm understanding of each component and how to plan and prepare an order that meets your or your client's needs.


We also realize that a lot of the setup can be complicated. That's why we've eliminated the guesswork by creating pipe and drape kits. Check out the information below to learn more.


The Trade Show Booth: A Simple & Easy Breakdown


The standard trade show booth is 8' high, 10' wide and 10' deep. It is composed of four bases, four uprights, and three drape supports. The sides of the booth can be the same height or staggered based on your preference. Trade show booths are not frequently rented as a standalone product. They are normally rented in the hundreds to create multiple configurations across a conference hall. Let's break down some common configurations. 

  • Single Standalone Booth: This booth is not connected to any other booth.

  • In-Line Booth: These booths are connected side-by-side. They are typically around the perimeter of the venue.

  • Back-to-Back Booths: These booths typically occupy the interior portions of a convention hall and have the most flexibility in sizing. Many times your largest exhibitors will request that prime real estate.

  • Breakout Rooms: Booths are just one component where pipe and drape can be utilized. Easily create conference rooms, break-out rooms, or larger meeting spaces for panels and other key events on the conference agenda.

  • Venue Masking: Creating an intuitive and effective flow of traffic for your attendees is crucial. Blocking of certain areas which should not be accessible by attendees is also key. Pipe and drape is the perfect solution for this and more. Hiding areas of the hall that are unsightly is also essential for aesthetics.  


Trade Show Floor Plans Simplified


If you have an existing floor plan in place from a prior conference or convention, we can easily put together a line-by-line order of exactly how many units are needed of each pipe and drape component. You'll simply need to provide your color and fabric preference. 


Having an efficient and concise floor plan will allow you to maximize the space in the venue, create a smooth flow of foot traffic, and set every vendor or exhibitor up for success. 

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