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Fabrics - Colors - Sizes

Some standard drapery rental fabric options include: 

Inherently Flame Retardant Event Drapery

Acoustical Fabrics 

Encore Velour


Banjo Conference Drapery

Velvet Drapes

Organza Drapes
Burlap Fabrics
Canvas Fabrics

Satin Fabrics

Scrim Fabrics

Sheer Fabrics

Stretch Fabrics

Silk Fabrics
Duvetyne Fabrics

Commando Cloth Fabrics
Keying Fabrics (Green Screens)
Linen & Gauze Fabrics
Metallic Fabrics

Fringe Fabrics
Muslin Fabrics
Outdoor Fabrics
Netting & Gauze Fabrics
Specialty Patterned Fabrics
Patterned & Novelty Fabrics
Projection Screen Fabric
Trims & Tassels
Tent & Event Fabrics


Color options for standard encore event drapery include Black, Burgundy, Red, Gold, Grey, Brown, Purple, Green, Orange, and Pink.

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