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Pipe & Drape - A general overview.

Pipe & Drape Rentals in New York City

Pipe and Drape NYC has various names within the industry including pipe and drape system, pipe and base system, backdrops and theatrical backdrop. Our pipe and drape rentals create a smart, non-intrusive background space in any event venue. Ideally suited for trade show booths, they can also be used behind a theater stage to cover up any distracting features of the non-dramatic wall/window/doorway behind it. Since it's freestanding, the drapes are also ideal for use as room dividers, exhibition stand curtain backgrounds, catering aisles, partitions, stage backdrops, and drape décor at events such as industry functions, fashion shows, conventions, trade shows, weddings, fairs, receptions, fundraisers, special events, performances, and more.


The foundation is always key. Pipe and drape systems begin with heavy base plates, as dictated by the height and weight of the drape. As required, sandbags are added for extra safety and stability. We stock a wide range of Inherently Flame Retardant fabrics, from sheer to heavyweight velour in dozens of colors and styles.


Drape - available in a host of colors and fabrics; can be accessorized with tie-back sashes

Horizontal pipe - adjustable horizontal support

Verticals - unique slip-lock feature easily locks when the pole is raised or lowered

Base and pin - the foundation of pipe and drape; weight depends on style of drape


Fullness occurs when a drape is sewn or gathered with more fabric than the width of coverage.

When the length of the drape is the same as the length of the desired space, you will have 0% fullness, also known as flat drape.

To achieve this look, you must take the length of the desired space and add an extra 50 percent. Example: 100 feet of space, this look would require 150 feet of drape. This is called 50 percent fullness.

To achieve this look, you must take the length of the desired space and double it. So 100 feet of space, this look would require 200 feet of drape. This will provide 100% fullness.

If any kind of pipe and drape rental needs come up for your next event please contact us by phone, live chat, or email.

Drape Atelier - New York City - Worldwide Shipping Available

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