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Wedding Chuppahs - Altars - Arches 
Indoors & Outdoors
( Due to unprecedented demand we are stocked out until 2023 )

Drape Atelier offers fabric wedding chuppahs and altars in various shades and is a popular choice for many types of weddings, from glamorous to rustic. The drapery can be custom matched to your wedding theme and colors—florals, foliage, flowing draperies, chandeliers, lanterns, and an unlimited array of decor options. We deliver, set up, and decorate fabric wedding altars in all five boroughs of New York City.


Standard packages include five drapery panels, four columns, and any sheer color fabric. Delivery, installation, and removal are provided with every rental. 

Drape Atelier specializes in wedding chuppah rental servicing New York City, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester, & Connecticut.

Our full-service chuppah rental includes:

  • Support Hardware

  • Standard or Custom Drapery-drapes & coverings

  • Delivery, Installation, Removal

  • Optional flowers and decor complete this enchanting look.

Have a custom chuppah in mind? Let's make it happen! We enjoy working with brides that have something new and different in mind. Contact us today. We are readily available to answer any of your questions.

We pride ourselves on providing a luxury design experience at affordable prices. We offer a high-quality selection of unique, stylish, and contemporary Chuppahs for rent across New York City.



Looking to impress your wedding client? Offer them this complete wedding canopy package. The canopy can be adorned with your client's design elements, such as flowers, custom tassels, jewels, and ribbons. The sky is truly the limit on the endless creative design opportunities. 

Complete Chuppah Package - 8' High
Canopy Hardware – Includes an adjustable height 8′ upright with bases and adjustable 10′ drape supports. Includes 10 sheer drapes, drapery tiebacks, 
Includes a fixed, set height of 8′ upright with adjustable 6′-10′ drape supports, meaning your ‘booth’ is adjustable six ′ – 10′ wide. It also includes the additional hardware and sheer top panel needed to create a ceiling on your canopy. The kit includes 9' Sheer Drapes so you can “pool” them around the base plate to conceal it and create a romantic look


Also Available:

Fabric Arches

Includes: 4 support beams, sheer fabric, optional decor accessories

Wood Arches & Chuppahs


Includes: 4 section wood canopy complete, plus sheer fabric

Specialty Wedding Altars

Includes: Full support system, your choice of drapery, chandelier

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